About M. Chakrabarty

M.CHAKRABARTY is the famous name know adays from their formula खाँटी मेथड in the field of mathematics. In all over India students admire him for the way of teaching. खाँटी मेथड is not only the formula, this is the method from which students solve the complicated mathematics very easily without any loop falls. खाँटी मेथड is not only popular in Bihar, it is popular in all over India.

Student came from different states to learn mathematics by M. CHAKRABARTY with her famous method खाँटी मेथड to qualified their goal in the field of general competition. Students as well as teachers also came to learn the famous method खाँटी मेथड for their students or institute. खाँटी मेथड is scrolling very frequently in the field of mathematics to qualified the very prestigious general competition.

M.CHAKRABARTY is only the teacher who never use others formula of mathematician to teach our students. He also taught our students by his own formula known as खाँटी मेथड. खाँटी मेथड is the stairs from which students reach the goal of mathematics without any loop falls.

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